Freeman Art on Display at Henrico’s ARTS Festival

Saberah Saleh

Staff Writer

  It’s nice spending a weekend observing pieces from all levels of art education, but it’s even better being able to support your friend and family’s artwork. Work from Freeman art classes had been put on display in an annual countywide art festival alongside all Henrico schools at Varina High School this weekend.

   “It makes me feel proud of both my artwork and the fact that I was able to paint something good enough to be on display. I love the art show last year when it was at Freeman, because I was able to see work from all over the county!” said Junior Colleen McBride.

  The Henrico County Public Schools’ ARTS (Artists, Residents, Teachers, and Students) Festival and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) Fair took place on March 23 and 24, and is the sixth annual festival. This year’s theme was “art makes connections.”

  The festival had many colorful events and speakers, like Varina High School aluma Amelia Blair Langford.

 According to the HCPS website, the festival is meant to be a “hub for building arts connections across the community.”

  “I think it’s really cool that my work is in the art show because it is an event that basically encompasses the entire county. I actually didn’t go to this show but it’s really cool to see the other art from other schools,” said sophomore Ollie Walker.

  Freeman art teacher Elizabeth Jones said that she was “proud of the Freeman students and their work.” According to Mrs. Jones, three works had been selected for the VCU Metro Art Show.

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