Freeman’s “Harmony in Motion” Show Choir Wins Grand Champion Title

Piper Finkleson

Staff Writer

   No team brings the talent and pep quite like Harmony in Motion.

 Freeman’s show choir team works hard to produce the best material possible, practicing songs and dances each day during class, in addition to morning sessions before school. In their latest competition, this hard work paid off and Harmony in Motion placed first, beating both Matoaca High School and a team from Scranton, Pennsylvania.

   The competition was held at Powhatan High School. Harmony in Motion performed five songs, four of which included choreography. At this competition, the girls focused on a theme: light to darkness. Junior Olivia Moum said the songs highlight “people in the world who are struggling” and emphasize the importance of “finding light through any obstacle.”

   The class is taught by chorus teacher Kristen Batson, who was once a show choir student. Senior Ariela Press described Mrs. Batson as “extremely hands on.” She “works to perfect our show” and “helps get the story we are trying to portray across the stage.”

   Preparing for a competition is no small task. Many of the girls are assigned leadership positions, including dance captain, vocal captain, and fundraising captain. These roles make certain that the team stays organized and runs smoothly. This year, Harmony in Motion has competed in three competitions. In two of the three competitions, the team was awarded first place.

   With two wins under their belt, competition season has now come to a close. Show Choir will be spending the upcoming weeks preparing for the spring concert in May and learning a song for graduation as well. The team also looks forward to competing against their rival, Lee Davis High School, next school year.

   Harmony in Motion is a tight-knit community, where girls of all ages come to support and challenge each other. Before every performance, the girls huddle together for a good-luck chant made up of lyrics from each of the team’s songs. Sophomore Hannah Gee, who originally combined these lyrics, sang the beginning lines with a smile: “We come alive to the songs we hear, we shine like the sun because we have no fear.”

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