Non-Profit Fair

By Salaar Khan and Gretchen Neary

Online Editors-in-Chief

On Wednesday, Freeman’s library held a non-profit fair where students could discover opportunities to volunteer in our community. The nonprofits present included Fetch-a-Cure, Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation, Comfort Zone Camp, Safe Harbor, Sportable, Sophie House, Virginia War Memorial, and Virginia Hispanic Foundation.

What can you do to help?

Fetch-a-Cure: Volunteers can help set up and take down at the Fetch-a-Cure events or assist by spreading awareness about pet cancer and the symptoms.

Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation: Volunteers support the CKG Foundation at community events like the Monument 10k, SpeakUp5k Richmond, Pumpkin Palooza, or the Richmond Marathon to raise awareness about teenage anxiety and depression.


Comfort Zone Camp: CZC helps children who have lost family members. They have many events throughout the year, but high school students can volunteer as junior counselors at their various camps.

Safe Harbor: Safe Harbor supports survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking. Volunteers can go through an 8-week training to work hands on, or can help cook meals for the survivors.


Sportable: Sportable provides athletic opportunities for those with physical or visual disabilities. Volunteers help with organizing and engaging in the athletics.  

Sophie House: Non-profit that assists single women and their children when they’re in distressed situations. The main focus of the group is to connect these families to resources.  Volunteers have a range of activities but fundraising is encouraged and the group also offers internships for high school students.

Virginia War Memorial: Their mission statement is to “honor veterans, preserve history, educate youth, and inspire patriotism in all.” One of their upcoming special events is their 5k on Memorial Day weekend, where they need volunteers to act as “spirit boosters” along the course for runners.


Virginia Hispanic Foundation: Volunteers are needed THIS Saturday for the ¿Que Pasa? Festival on the Canal Walk.

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