Man on the Street: Prom Recap

Prom 2019 was planned and put together by the junior class officers and their teacher sponsors, Mr. Abril and Ms. Snellings, along with the support of countless volunteers. The dance was held at the historic Hippodrome Theater in Jackson Ward.

We asked Freeman students and faculty what their favorite part of last weekend’s prom was. Here are their responses.

mia slaunwhite

Mia Slaunwhite, senior: “Dancing, of course!”


Deja Everett, junior: “My favorite part was dancing around with the teachers that were there, spending time with my friends, and taking pictures.”

Mrs. Conway, math teacher: “At one point the lacrosse boys had a circle going, but then they expanded it and were inclusive to all students.”


Carter Payne, junior: “My favorite part was the dinner before, my group had Kabuto [Japanese House of Steak].”


Emmanuel Thuku, senior: “The music!”


Caitlyn McDevitt, senior: “My most memorable moment was when Ryan [Christman] and I spent time on the side of 95 after his car’s tire popped.”


Paige Stoudmire, senior: “Dancing!!”


Liam Simpson, senior: “I liked taking pictures at CCV [Country Club of Virginia].”


Hayden Martin, junior: “I’d probably have to say playing games with my friends afterwards.”

Mr. Abril, English teacher: “Working with my co-sponsor, class officers, and all the other helpers to make prom great!”

Catch you at homecoming!

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