2019 Student-Faculty Basketball Game Cancelled

Salaar Khan and Gretchen Neary

 Online Editors-in-Chief

On the seniors’ last day of school, it is Freeman tradition to hold a student-faculty basketball game/pep rally in the big gym.

While the concept seems simple, the event requires many different logistics to be planned months in advance. A team of seniors must be formed, a team of faculty must be formed, the bell schedule must be altered and sent out to teachers in advance, and supervision must be planned for the actual event. As principal John Marshall put it, “The short of it is that much of that didn’t happen this year in time.”

Mr. Marshall was contacted on Tuesday about the event, and Wednesday he made the executive decision that “it was too short notice to pull all the logistics together in two days and do it right.” Mr. Marshall was disappointed to have to make the decision. “It was one of my favorite events of the year. It’s just good natured and brings us together as a community….I’m disappointed in myself and my team for not seeing two weeks ago that it didn’t happen and seek out those planners to see what was going on,” he said.

However, the event will be put back in place next year. One major flaw with the student-faculty basketball game is that there is no set teacher, club, or administrator that is in charge of the event. In the past, it has been put on by the senior class sponsors, senior class administration, the varsity basketball team, and the SCA. This adds a level of confusion and allows the event to fall through the cracks. Mr. Marshall is determined to change this. “We want to organize it more like two or three months in advance. It’ll likely be the normal time; the last day for seniors is a really cool day to do it, and this time we have in mind someone to coordinate it.”

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