Track Runs in the Perkins Family

Salaar Khan and Gretchen Neary

Online Editors-in-Chief

perkins brothers

Junior Jake Perkins and freshman Bradley Perkins are brothers and teammates. They have been playing sports together since they were young. As children, they enjoyed playing football and running track together.

“We both started playing football and then in the off-seasons we’d find other stuff to do like track,” said Bradley.

The duo first started running in elementary school, and then continued at Tuckahoe Middle School. Now, however, they are making their mark at Freeman.

Jake is skilled at the 400 meters and 800 meters, and qualified for states in both events. “I feel great, I really dug in this season and set goals, just glad they all paid off,” he said about the accomplishment. However, his favorite part of the season was being captain. “Since we didn’t have any seniors on the team it was up to leading juniors to take the leadership role,” Jake said.

Bradley’s best event is also the 800 meters and he recently qualified for the New Balance Freshman Nationals. It’s an achievement he’s proud of, and he hopes to do it again next year.

While sibling rivalry can sometimes be hostile, the same cannot be said for the Perkins brothers.  Jake and Bradley enjoy running together. Jake said, “I think Bradley and I are such competitive guys on and off the field that we push each other to be the best we can possibly be.” Bradley agreed, adding that, Jake “pushes me everyday and he’s better than me so it makes me better too. He’s a great person to run with.”

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