Class Elections at DSF

Salaar Khan and Gretchen Neary

Online Editors-in-Chief

Each spring, Freeman holds class election for the sophomore, junior, and senior classes. The class sponsors each hold elections and the students elect their president and other officers by voting via Schoology. This year, Freeman students elected two new presidents and re-elected one incumbent to represent their interests and organize important events for the student body.

The sophomore class elections were especially interesting. Due to the close nature of the original elections, the sponsors opted to have a run-off for all offices, except SCA Representative which only had two candidates to begin with.

“We had a run-off so that each candidate could have more than fifty percent [of the vote]. We took the top two contenders and gave them two more days of voting. We probably wouldn’t do it again though because we thought we were supposed to do it, but it’s not mandatory to do it that way,” said sophomore class sponsor, Mr. Daniel Lewis.

After the extra two day delay, Nate Elkin was elected President along with:

Vice President: Riley Speidell

Treasurer: Alyssa Gagen

Secretary: Charlie Adams

Historian: Sydney Greiner

SCA Representative: Eddie Allen

“At homecoming, most of the kids stayed for 20-30 minutes and I want to make it a more enjoyable experience for everyone,” said Nate.

Similarly, the junior class officers are putting their primary focus on prom. President Jake Taylor wanted to spread this message for his re-election and, like a lot of this year’s candidates, he used new methods of campaigning.

“Social media was a helpful tool to reach out to a lot of people,” said Jake.

Jake won his election for next year, along with:

Vice President: Lauren Hargrove

Secretary: Joseph Harrell

Treasurer: Amanda Gagen

Historian: Ella Mortimer

SCA Representative: Anastasia Branch

But one of the most hard-fought races was for senior class president. The position is the most high-profile class officer position and five candidates ran for the office. In the end, Will Dornik emerged as the winner. He credits his victory to how he communicated with the voters.

Initially, his strategy was “just to talk to as many people as I could, but closer to the election, I just did what I like to do, so I tried to make people laugh with my posters,” said Will.

Will was elected with a wave of new officers; the senior class officers will be:

Vice President: Davis Buckbee

Secretary: Gretchen Neary

Treasurer: Nicholas Cavallo

Historian: Will Coker

SCA Representative: Salaar Khan

Despite the many goals set and promises made by the winning candidates this year, voters will judge the success of their officers in the next year, based on events ranging from prom to senior reunions.


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