Man on the Street: First Day of School 2019-2020

Salaar Khan, Gretchen Neary, and Abby Zorn

Online Staff

Welcome back to school! The first day of the 2019-2020 school year began on September 3rd. We asked Rebels how their first day of school was going and what they were looking forward to throughout the rest of the year.

New 12th graders enjoying lunch in the senior courtyard.

Alexis Fields, senior: Alexis said the first day of school has been “kind of whack, because I don’t like block scheduling. I would rather have all my classes on one day and have them be shorter so we can get out earlier.” Alexis is looking forward to “graduation, but that’s about it.”


Chris Laws, junior: Chris thought his first day of school was “plain,” saying that although he’s not specifically looking forward to anything this school year, the beginning of his junior year has been “pretty alright.”


Maja Giaver, junior: Maja is a foreign exchange student from Norway. Her favorite parts of the first day were “lunch and AP Psych.” She is participating on the cross country team this fall and says she is looking forward to American high school traditions like “football games, prom, and homecoming – I want to experience all of that!”


Kenzie Temple, sophomore: Kenzie expressed the same feelings as other students, that the first day of school was “pretty bad because I didn’t like any of my classes.” However, she is looking forward to attending football games.

Jake Stearns, freshman: Jake enjoyed his first day of high school, “It’s been really fun because I get to meet so many new people.” Jake is excited for “more freedom” during his high school years.

While the transition back to school is a tough one, and the first day of school brings many mixed emotions, here’s hoping to a great year!

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