Swimmers Put a Ring on Their Win

Salaar Khan and Gretchen Neary

Online Editors-in-Chief

It may have taken almost eight months, but they’re finally here! The Freeman boys varsity swim team has finally received their official rings for winning the state championship on February 17th, 2019. The rings have the DSF logo on the top and are encrusted with plenty of bling.

“We waited for a really long time to get them. It’s nice to finally have them,” said senior Graham Boyle. His teammate, junior Erik Kratzer, agreed. “I’d been waiting for so long and I had hoped that we would get it last year, but now that we got them it’s kind of nice,” he said. 

According to members of the swim team, these rings are a great appreciation of the individual work they each put in. “I like that it has my name on the side, it just says Boyle. It’s pretty cool,” said Graham. In addition, they symbolize a bond and pride shared by the entire team. “I like the rings. It’s probably because it’s finally recognition for all the work we put in,” said junior Jamie Edwards. In fact, some of the swimmers say that the rings even remind them of the joy they felt when they won States in February. “It was a great feeling, and it really felt like we earned it,” said Jamie. 

But the swimmers aren’t complacent with being state champions just once. “Next season, we want to win states again!” said Graham. Erik and Jamie both echoed the same sentiments, confidently agreeing that the rest of this year’s team will share the same goal. 

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