Another Win for the Rebels: DSF vs. Tucker

Will Dornik

Sports Editor

Following a 35-7 Freeman victory in 2018, the Rebels varsity football team continued the streak last Friday with a 38-0 win against the Tucker Tigers. Junior Quarterback Andrew Bland, led the team with forty rushing yards and a hundred passing yards. “This is exactly what we needed. Especially with Deep Run next week, we definitely feel good about next Friday,” said Andrew.

Freeman started off the game strong by forcing a safety. The Tucker junior quarterback, Jacob Procious, fumbled the snap and fell on the ball in the end zone. In the second quarter, Andrew had a 10 yard run on third-and-3 for the first touchdown of the game. To end the half, junior receiver Seamus Moore scored a touchdown to bring the score to 16-0. Junior Jackson Fellows started off the half by running for a 25-yard touchdown. “It’s nice playing a team like Tucker because we always seem to play our best against them. Even last year when we beat them we just get this unstoppable feeling. I don’t plan on losing that,” said Jackson. 

The Rebels converted the extra point to bring the score to 24-0. Junior Luke Jennette caught a 41-yard touchdown pass in the third quarter. “Having Bland at quarterback is like watching him play two positions. He runs the ball most of the time, but I know he’ll still give the receivers some good looks, and luckily, Friday I got one of those,” said Luke. The score was 31-0 at the end of the third quarter, Luke Shourds returned an interception for an additional 6 points. Rushing leaders included Andrew Bland, junior Charlie Martin, and Jackson Fellows. 

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