Opinion: Are Football Game Themes Getting Repetitive?

Alexa Mosley

Staff Writer

For Freeman students, falls nights mean Friday night lights. Football games are a regular opportunity to have fun with friends and dress up according to that week’s theme.

“It’s been fun just to dress up with my friends,” said freshman Emery Troxell.

So far this year, the themes have included Hawaiian, Wild West, Greek, Camouflage, Pink Out, and USA. However, most of these themes, or ones very similar, are repeated year after year. Last season alone, students came decked out in much of the same apparel, besides Wild West. This yearly trend does not go unnoticed among students.

“I feel like we could change it up because we do the same ones every year,” said sophomore Isabelle Hevron.


Obviously, Freeman must continue the time-honored tradition of eagle hunting at each game against Godwin. Aside from that, trying out new themes would bring much-needed excitement and enthusiasm to the Freeman student section. Isabelle, among other students, are looking for “themes that are different from ones that we’ve already done.”

Freeman students already have plenty of ideas about what these new themes could be. “Other schools do neon, and that’d be fun,” said junior Ella Creason. Emery said, “I’ve heard of other schools doing VSCO girls, and I think that would be really funny.” These themes could even be as simple as “themes by grade,” as Isabelle recommended.

Simply choosing a new, creative theme may just be the change the student section needs in order to reinvigorate students and revive school spirit. Ideas from students all over the school should be considered when deciding what the Rebels will be wearing at the next game. 


USA Photo Credit: Bill McClure

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