Man on the Street: Block Schedule

Keya Pokhriyal

Staff Writer

Freeman and Godwin have instituted a new block schedule this school year so that all Henrico County high schools follow the same bell schedule. Instead of the traditional seven classes a day, even and odd classes alternate days of the week, with first period every day for 50 minutes. This schedule change has been met with a mixed response at Freeman.

Junior Connor Coleman said, “The block schedule hasn’t really affected my life outside of school. But, I get to spend more time on homework because my homework is more spread out.” 

Senior Meredith Hearn expressed a similar sentiment, “With the block schedule, I can leave really early because I have double early release, so I get more time to work on homework and I have more free time.” She added, “I take Ceramics class, so the block schedule makes it really nice to work on projects.”

However, the block schedule can also make classes feel much longer than usual. Freshman Isabelle Broughton said her least favorite part about the block schedule is that “the classes are too long, and I am unable to concentrate.” 

Meredith also said her least favorite part about the block schedule is “how long I have to sit in class.” 

Students believe there are pros and cons to the block schedule, and the first month and a half of school has served as an adjustment period to this new routine.

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