Junior Class Officers Have Big Plans

Riley Wilkes

Staff Writer

Junior class president, Jake Taylor, and junior class vice president, Lauren Hargrove, have big plans for the Class of 2021 this year.

In 2018, Jake ran for sophomore class president. “I wanted to do something that would get me more involved with the students, teachers, and events at Freeman,” said Jake. 

Jake and Lauren believe there is a lot that they can achieve. “I believe our main goals for the year are to continue Freeman spirit and enhance the community we have here at Freeman,” said Lauren. 

This is the junior class’s first year hosting the annual Powder Puff event. “We believe it is a spiritful event that engages lots of students to work together in a friendly competition,” said Lauren. They plan on tackling this event head-on and making it as spirited as possible. 

Prom is also their responsibility this year. “We plan to organize prom to make it the best it can be by increasing student input in the decision making, while also taking the necessary time to formulate the best prom experience and environment for the students,” said Lauren. 

Junior classmates Donovan Suder and Albert Wiegandt are both new to Freeman and have very different expectations for prom. “I went to Thomas Jefferson High School last year, and prom was not a big deal. Barely anyone showed up, so I’m excited to see what’s in store, but my expectations are not high,” said Donovan. However, Albert had a different perspective, “Last year, I was at Trinity Episcopal School and prom was one of the biggest events we had. Everyone came out in support, so I am really looking forward to seeing what Freeman has in store,” said Albert. 

“We want to resonate with all different types and groups of people here at Freeman. Our goal for the future of Freeman is to make every student feel a part of this family, and for everyone to come together as one,” said Jake. He has made it one of his top priorities to make sure he hears from all students, “I am here to support you,” said Jake. 

Jake and Lauren have some big expectations, but they both believe they can surpass them all. 

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