Friends of the Earth Club Returns

Sarah Echols

Features Editor

With new information on the environment and global warming in the news every day, Freeman’s Friends of the Earth club has resurfaced after a two-year hiatus. 

Senior Charlotte Browder first looked into restarting the club last year. “I became really passionate about the environment during my junior year, and I noticed Freeman could become more eco-friendly in a lot of ways,” said Charlotte. 

After Charlotte asked Mr. Foltz to be the club sponsor, senior Clair Jenks joined the club as the vice president. “Charlotte asked me if I would join, and I said heck yes,” Clair explained. As the vice president, she helps plan meetings and different activities for the club. 

“Last year, the Friends of the Environment club had its first meeting as a ‘hey let’s get things going again’ type of thing,” said Clair. However, the first official meeting of this year was in early October. In the monthly meetings, they plan to discuss different ways to make Freeman more green. 

“There’s a lot of room for each person to bring up topics they care about,” said Charlotte. Some of these topics include trash around campus and the declining bee population. “One thing we want to look into is actually having recycling bins in classrooms,” said Clair. 

However, first thing on Charlotte’s agenda is “gaining members and increasing involvement in the club,” Charlotte explained.

The problem of protecting the environment extends beyond the walls of Freeman, but Charlotte and Clair are focusing on doing what they can do here.  

“This world is breathtaking, and it’s heartbreaking to see it dying. I don’t want our amazing school to add to that,” said Clair. 

While the prospect of doing this may seem daunting, “Small actions such as recycling, picking up trash, and reducing waste take very little effort, but if everyone does them it makes a difference,” said Charlotte. 

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