Man on the Street: Halloween Costumes

Lanie Moore

Staff Writer

With Halloween just around the corner, the age-old Freeman tradition of Senior Halloween is sure to be on every student’s mind. On Thursday, October 31, Rebels will arrive at school and be greeted by a diverse array of costumes worn by the seniors. We asked some students their opinions about this memorable occasion.

Teejae Johnson, senior: Of the three years that Teejae has experienced DSF Halloween, she thought that “either the Tetris or the Mario Kart” costumes have been the most creative. As for herself, Teejae said that she’s “gonna be Beetlejuice” this Thursday. On Halloween, Teejae’s favorite things to do are “eat candy, or buy it because I’m too old to go trick-or-treating.” Though she thought that anyone can trick-or-treat, “there’s a point where it’s kind of weird.”


Nour Ahmad, junior: Nour thought that Senior Halloween is “really fun, because every year you see a lot of different, new costumes.” With only a year left before she gets to participate, Nour said that she “can’t wait until I’m a senior and I get to dress up in costumes with my friends for an entire day.” After school on October 31, Nour said that she enjoys trick-or-treating with her sister. According to Nour, “you’re never too old to trick-or-treat. You’re never too old for candy.”


Nick Siler, sophomore: Nick said that he liked Senior Halloween, but thought that “it’s overwhelming for freshmen.” His favorite costumes from last year were “either the Three Blind Mice or the Tetris blocks,” since he thought “those were pretty cool.” Though Nick didn’t know what he wanted to dress up as in two years, he said that he currently likes “going to parties and hanging out with my friends” on Halloween.


Lora Young, freshman: Though Lora hasn’t yet experienced Senior Halloween, she was excited “to see everybody’s different costumes” this Thursday. She has heard of people dressing up as speed bumps, and “thought that was funny.” Like Nick, Lora wasn’t sure what her costume will be when she is a senior, but she was sure that “16 is the oldest, definitely” for someone to trick-or-treat.


No matter what students dress up as on Thursday, this Senior Halloween is sure to be a fun one. The costumes will almost certainly clog up the hallways, but they’re guaranteed to bring a smile to the faces of students and staff alike.

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