A Recap of Homecoming 2019

Leo Lombardi

Staff Writer

This year’s annual homecoming weekend was unique in some ways, but traditional in others. 

Homecoming week followed its time-honored path with a spirit week leading up to the Friday pep rally. Friday afternoon held the homecoming parade and later the football game versus John Marshall. Finally, the dance was on Saturday evening in the main gym.

This year’s dance was Sadie Hawkins- when the girls ask the guys to homecoming. Sadie Hawkins happens once every four years so that each class has the opportunity to experience it once during their time at Freeman.

For every student at Freeman, this year was their first Sadie Hawkins. According to most students, this year brought a lot of change to the asking process. Senior and homecoming queen Quinn Phillips said, “things got off to a much earlier start, most people asked within the first two weeks of school.” In addition to the eagerness to ask, there were also fewer signs this year. “Me and a majority of the girls in the senior class did not ask with signs,” said Quinn Phillips. 

Speaking with some of the upperclassmen boys there was a relative indifference about the Sadie Hawkins year. 

Junior Wyatt Teyssier was relieved, “Honestly, it’s so much easier not having to figure out who you’re going to ask.” There were plenty who shared Wyatt’s sentiments about the removal of homecoming related stress. Wyatt added that “not having to make a sign was also nice because no one enjoys doing that.” Although the sign making was not as big of an issue with everyone, most boys did appreciate the rotation and change that Sadie Hawkins brought.

Sadie Hawkins could only change so much. Both the parade and the game were the same as they had been in years past. 

While the temperature Friday was in the 40s, not even the weather could stop Freeman traditions. “It was pretty cold so I brought a blanket, but it was really fun to see the community come together and support all of the princesses and princes.” said Quinn. 

According to students, the dance was much more fun than normal. Senior Homecoming King Justin Ntumy said that the new layout and the decoration of the main gym “really gave the dance a better look and a better feel.”

This year’s dance featured white strand lights spruced throughout the gym, a photo booth in the corner towards the entrance, tables and chairs on the side, and a blasting DJ stand at the end of the gym complete with light and sound displays. 

Entering and exiting the dance this year was also different. Administration implemented an electronic ticket system. Justin was a big fan of the modern adaption to the dance. “My sophomore year one of my friends forgot his ticket…having the tickets on our phones really simplified the process.”

Overall, most students expressed that homecoming was a fun experience this year. Quinn said, “I think I speak for most when I say the culmination of time spent with our friends supporting our school over the past week as seniors was such a special moment.”

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