Veterans Visit DSF

Gretchen Neary

Online Editor-in-Chief

On November 14th, veterans visited Freeman to eat lunch with students in the library. The veterans were able to share their stories and students were able to ask questions. 

Harry Phelps, a 2019 Freeman graduate was present, along with his recruiter, Tyler Johnson. In January, Harry will head off to boot camp before he becomes an official sailor in the Navy. “I’m looking forward to serving my country. Just waking up and putting the uniform on,” said Harry. 

Also in attendance was Rick Lyons, who served in the Marines for over 20 years. “United States Marines, no greater friend, no worse enemy,” said Mr. Lyons. He joined the service at age 21 and decided to go with the Marines, because they are “the best.”

Henry Wheeler returned home by visiting Freeman. He served in the Navy and fought in the Korean War. His interest was first sparked in the military by books he read in the library about John Paul Jones, the father of the US Navy. Following his military service, Mr. Wheeler spent forty years teaching architecture and engineering at Freeman. Recently, a former student wrote a book called “Mr. Henry Wheeler’s Legacy” about his life as both a veteran and educator.

The day was a poignant reminder for the students in attendance of the sacrifice veterans make to protect our country.


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