Papa Murphy’s Review

Balazs Kaszala

Design Editor

There’s a new pizza place in town! Papa Murphy’s, which opened its doors this year, brings an interesting idea to the concept of carry-out food. I went into Papa Murphy’s thinking I would be getting a pizza to-go, but I quickly learned that their pizzas are take-and-bake: they give you an uncooked pizza with all the ingredients you want, and you bring it home to bake. While I personally found the concept creative, I can see how some people might find it an annoyance to have to bake the pizza themselves. When I went up to order, the staff quickly explained to me how the process I could order a pizza. I ended up ordering a 12-inch (the smallest size) Papa’s All Meat Pizza ($13 with original crust), which includes Canadian bacon, salami, pepperoni, Italian sausage, and ground beef. Fortunately, there were helpful baking instructions made it easy for me to make the pizza myself at home, and it took about 20 minutes in total for my pizza to be ready. The pizza itself was better than average. There wasn’t necessarily anything special in the taste, but it was a good meal for dinner. I’m not sure how much it comes down to the way I baked the pizza versus the ingredients that Papa Murphy’s gave me. Overall, I had a good experience at the Papa Murphy’s location ordering the pizza, and the pizza itself wasn’t bad. But unless you have half an hour to spare baking the pizza after picking it up, I wouldn’t recommend going to Papa Murphy’s for a fast meal.


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