Man on the Street: Senior Traditions

Mary Cooper Frank

Staff Writer

Senior year: arguably the best year. Seniors get a host of perks and privileges not available to lower classmen. These include early release, dressing up for Halloween, playing a senior prank, eating lunch in the senior courtyard, traditions like holding up newspapers and keys at underclassmen at pep rallies, and the opportunity to be crowned Homecoming or Prom King or Queen. We asked several seniors which benefit they like the best. 

Nicholas Walker enjoys early release because “you get to leave early and start your homework early.”


Lawrence Mensah likes Halloween because “you get to run around the hallways and dress up with your friends.”


Peter Hughes said, “I like early release because it makes the weekends start earlier and I get out of the parking lot really fast.”

peter hughes

Roger Ragland is looking forward to prom because “I like to dress up and it’s more fun than homecoming because it is not at Freeman.”


Allison Tignor is also eagerly anticipating senior prom because “I like to wear long dresses and go out to dinner with my friends.”


Kenzie Myers said, “My favorite tradition is [eating in] the senior courtyard because I like to be in nature and being with my friends.”


“I like early release because I hate the parking lot and I can get out really quick,” said Graham Boyle.


Overall, despite the stress and challenges of high school life, senior privileges are a bright spot in the school lives of Freeman’s twelfth-graders.

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