Man on the Street: Holiday Films

Ashton Doll

Staff Writer

Every December, people come together to relax and enjoy holiday films, whether on Freeform’s Twenty-Five Days of Christmas, Netflix, Amazon Prime, the Hallmark Channel, or elsewhere. This year, Netflix has produced four holiday movies, including “The Knight Before Christmas,” “Let It Snow,” “Holiday in the Wild,” and “Holiday Rush.” The large quantity of these films causes one to ask, which holiday film is the best?

Junior Aidan Moriarty: “The best holiday movie is ‘Home Alone 3’ because it has a strong female character who breaks into the house.” His favorite scene is when, “the kid tricks the criminal into thinking he has a real gun.”


Sophomore Julia Pellei: “The best holiday movie is ‘Elf’ because it’s hilarious and amazing.  Will Ferrell is the best. It’s also very relatable because he [Buddy Hobbs] is hated in the beginning and later he finds love.”


Freshman Carter Wyatt: “Elf is my favorite holiday movie because it’s a classic. I watch it multiple times every year. My favorite part is the snowball scene.”


Junior Allie Meiller’s favorite holiday movie is, “The Year without a Santa Claus.” “I like Heat Miser and Snow Miser.  I also enjoy the songs they sing and how they make it snow in a town where it never snowed before. I also like how Mrs. Claus takes control. It’s a nice act on feminism because Mrs. Claus can do Santa’s job.”


Even after many interviews, there is still no distinct winner. The Rebels enjoy a wide variety of holiday films. 

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