Tacky Light Tour

Emma Burton

Staff Writer

As the holidays approach, students at Freeman High School have begun to look for cheap winter themed activities to do in the Freeman area. One of which is touring tacky light. However, many tacky lights are hard to find without circling around neighborhoods for hours. Fortunately, there are a few located right by Freeman.


8402 Weldon Drive

Hidden within the neighborhood behind Freeman, lies a house decorated with tacky lights. This house portrays a variety of lights ranging from an inflatable dinosaur with wings to green and red colored candy canes. This close by house illuminates the winter spirit.


1902 Haviland Drive

This next tacky light house is adorned with a spectrum of colored lights. Along with the a centerpiece dedicated to America which features red, white, and blue lights that are accompanied by American flags. 1902 Haviland Drive is able to bring the American spirit, and Fourth of July, into winter.


9625 Peppertree Drive

Peppertree Drive really puts a lot of pep in tacky lights. It sparkles in the midst of a cul-de-sac with all of the trees covered with lights and the ground covered in a field of candy canes. The lights are not only featured in the front, but cascade into the homes backyard.


9604 and 9606 Asbury Court

Known for its tacky lights, these two houses have been featured on multiple tacky light shows and tours. Not only are both houses blanketed with bright lights, but the family who owns the homes set up a hot chocolate stand. This stop allows for gazing at lights and hot cocoa.

Another fun drive-thru option is 8720 River Road, where a custom radio station is in sync with the lights.

Happy Holidays, Rebels!


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