Election Recap: How Freeman Voted

Josh DuPuis

Sports Editor

Warren 5/55 or 9.1%

Biden 23/55 or 41.8%

Sanders 20/55 or 36.3%

Gabbard: 3/55 5.5%

Bloomberg: 3/55 5.5%

Other: 1/55 1.8%

Last Tuesday, March 3rd, Virginia held its Democratic Presidential Primary. Anyone who is a US citizen and will be 18 years old by Election Day on November 3rd was eligible to vote as long as they had completed the required registration process, meaning most seniors and a few juniors were eligible to vote. 

Virginia as a state voted overwhelmingly for former Vice President Joe Biden, as he received 53.2% of the popular vote. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders finished second with 23.1% of the vote, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren came in third with 10.7% of Virginia votes, former mayor Michael Bloomberg fourth with 9.8% of the vote, and Hawaii representative Tulsi Gabbard fifth with 0.9% of the vote. 

A recent survey of Freeman student voters showed that Freeman students resembled the Virginia electorate in their voting preferences. Of the 55 students polled, 41.8% voted for Biden, 36.3% voted for Senator Sanders, 9.1% voted for Senator Warren, 5.5% voted for representative Gabbard, and 5.5% voted for Mayor Bloomberg. 

Of the students who voted for Biden, one student stated that they cast their vote because “Biden is the most electable.” 

Freeman Bernie voters had several different reasons to cast their ballot for Senator Sanders. One senior said they voted for him because they believe he is the candidate who is most likely to beat President Trump. Another student expressed interest in senator Sanders because they “love Bernie Sanders” and think he is a great candidate overall. A third student concurred with that opinion, saying that Sanders is running an “energized campaign” and will be a “win for America.” Others said that they voted for Sanders not because they necessarily supported his policies, but after seeing who else was on the ballot, they decided that Sanders was the best choice. 

One student who cast their ballot for Bloomberg said that they did so because they believed he was the most likely to defeat President Trump in a general election.

Based on this poll, Freeman students as a collective closely resembled the Virginia Democratic Presidential Primary results with the top three candidates in the Virginia primary finishing in the same position in the mock Freeman poll. Some students seemed passionate about the candidate they voted for and the policies they propose. Other students voted for the candidate they thought would be most electable in a general election. However, the 55 students surveyed held a near-unanimous opinion that the goal in November is to beat President Trump, and they cast their ballots accordingly in the primary election to ensure that a suitable candidate is chosen to run against him.

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