S(no)w Days Off for Freeman

Alexa Mosley

Staff Writer

This winter has not been a typical, Virginia winter. While temperatures have been consistently low and rain has dominated the forecast, one important aspect of the season has been notably missing: snow. According to the National Weather Service, Richmond has received only a meager 1.5 inches of snow since November 1. This has resulted in a grand total of zero snow days thus far for Henrico County Public Schools.

Freeman students share a frustration that they have not gotten a single day off due to snow. Freshman Lucas Riley said, “I feel cheated.” To the same effect, sophomore Katie Robbins said, “I’m mad.” Other students feel a heightened bitterness and disappointment, including sophomore Gio Mazzeo who expressed his frustration.

Some students believe that having no snow days has affected classroom performance. “I feel that everyone needs a mental health break, and that’s what snow days mostly are. Because we haven’t had any, everyone’s starting to get really stressed with school,” said junior Lacy Fisher.

Mr. Marshall understands this disappointment. He said, “I love that everyone was here everyday learning. I love coming to work everyday. So, I was glad that we were here everyday. However, I know what a snow day means to a school, and the excitement and the buzz that it creates.”

With this shared annoyance comes multitudes of ideas on how the county should handle the situation. Many students believe that Henrico County should compensate by giving students additional days off. “Give us a week off school at the end of the year,” said Lucas. Gio echoed that and said, “I think the county should give us those bonus days.” Another proposed solution was less drastic. “I think they should take half days and make them whole days off,” said Lacy Fisher.

However, students around Freeman are not hopeful. Lucas, Lacy, Gio, and Katy all agreed that in response to no snow days, the county will do, “Nothing.” Mr. Marshall shares in this belief, as he said, “I don’t anticipate the county doing anything other than having a regular calendar for the rest of this year.” Yet, even Mr. Marshall admitted that he “would’ve loved a day at home with the family sledding and building snowmen with my kids.” Perhaps both students and faculty need an occasional snow day.

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