“Harmony in Motion” Swings into a New Competition Season

Sarah Echols

Features Editor

Freeman’s Show Choir, Harmony in Motion, is back under the bright lights of the stage as they begin their competition season. The group got second runner-up in their first competition of the year this past Friday, March 6th at Manchester High School.

Although this was their first competition of the year, they have been rehearsing since the summer. “We start our rehearsals in August with a week long show choir camp and then continue throughout the year with morning rehearsals every Wednesday and an occasional eight hour weekend rehearsal,” senior Sarah Ann Mottley said. 

Harmony in Motion’s show this year is titled “Woman Up.” “It’s all about breaking the stereotypical mold of what a woman is,” senior Kate Becker-Mowery explained. Songs in their show include, “Popular,” “Man I Feel Like a Woman,” and “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.”

With their show composed of so many songs, the set ends up being about 15 minutes long. “The hardest part of our show is having the endurance to keep singing full out by the last number,” Kate said. However, junior Hannah Gee, acknowledges that the full costume change is also a very difficult part of the show. “The hardest thing in our show is probably getting on stage in time after the costume change. We have to change shoes and dresses and put our lights on our fingers for the next song and we have 55 seconds to do it,” Hannah said.

Many other schools performed in the competition including, Atlee, Matoaca, and Voyager Academy. “A few of my favorites to watch are Clover Hill, Cosby, Midlothian, Hanover, and Atlee,” said Sarah Ann. Kate even explained that watching the other groups perform is her favorite thing about the competition process. “Everyone puts so much heart and dedication into their set, and I love seeing all the different themes and creative choreography,” said Kate. While the competitions may be nerve racking, “It’s also the most positive environment you will ever come across, everyone is just walking around singing and dancing and hyping each other up,” said Hannah.

Harmony in Motion has two more competitions this year. “It was our first competition of the season which is always a little rough, but we did pretty well,” said Hannah. This was also Freeman’s first time competing in the same division as Atlee. “They typically are a tier above us at competitions, so we are not used to competing against someone at that caliber, but I’m overall happy with the results, and we know what we need to work on for our next competition,” said Kate.

seniors shoir

The seniors in show choir pose after their first competition.

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