Feature on Actress Charlotte Cooper

DISCLAIMER: This article was written prior to the cancellation of school. Sadly, the spring musical has since been cancelled.

Keya Pokhriyal

Staff Writer

If you are a theater junkie, you most certainly have seen junior Charlotte Cooper in a school production. She has been in Music Man, Picnic at Hanging Rock, Beauty and the Beast, and, most recently, The Crucible. Charlotte is also a lead in the upcoming spring musical, Into the Woods, in which she is playing the baker’s wife.

She said, “This is my first lead in a musical. I really like this show. I think there’s a lot of multifaceted characters and the friendship I have with the baker, my costar, Holden Seward, it’s so funny and I really enjoy being on stage with him.”

Charlotte sees herself in her own character. She said, “I see myself in my character in how she goes about solving problems. She’s driven. She’s ambitious and she’s ready to work and willing to get what she wants, no matter the consequences.”

Charlotte made her official theater debut in eighth grade at Tuckahoe Middle School. She said, “My first thing I ever did was in eighth grade. I was Timon in the Lion King. I’ve danced my whole life and so that kind of progressed to singing and pursuing theater.”

Luke Logan, who was in the Lion King and Beauty and the Beast with Charlotte, said, “I’ve known Charlotte since first grade and I’ve seen her talent develop over the years which is why I am so excited to see her in such a prominent role this year.”

Into the Woods is an especially exciting production for Charlotte because of the new understudy program. Charlotte explained, “My understudy Meghan McBride is so sweet and incredibly talented. This show will probably be one of my favorites because… on Saturday, May 2, the matinee show will be the understudy show so I will be able to watch it, which is something I’ve never been able to do.”

Charlotte is thrilled for this production to hit the auditorium. “I think there’s something for everybody to learn from this show, and I really hope we have a good turnout this year.”

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