Bethany Hamilton’s “Unstoppable Review”

Anastasia Branch

Staff Writer

Hawaiian professional surfer, Bethany Hamilton, has just released her documentary “Unstoppable” on Netflix and it is a blast from the past.

The documentary’s plot is shaped around the most life changing part of Bethany Hamilton’s surfing career: when she was attacked by a shark as a teenager and lost her left arm. After this harrowing accident, the audience is taken through a chronological timeline of Hamilton’s recovery and perseverance. Slowly, but surely, she steps back on her board.

The documentary itself was inspirational and what I would consider a “feel good” movie. Not only that, it was pretty amazing to see how someone could surf all types of killer waves like aerials and jaws. But, what really made it worth watching, was how reminiscent it was from the movie of our youth, the one and only “Soul Surfer.”

If you weren’t lucky enough to experience this 2011 classic, it is a movie that follows Hamilton’s journey as a teenaged-surfer and survivor, with only one arm. Practically every “tween” in the nation was convinced that they were the next top surfer after watching Hamilton’s successes.  It didn’t matter that you had never surfed before in your life! Who else went to the beach that summer to show off their not so effortless and nonexistent surfing skills with a boogie board? We were true want to be surfer girls!

For me, this documentary was a nostalgic reminder of my childhood surfing obsession. Nonetheless, I recommend “Unstoppable” to anyone wanting to kill an hour and a half in quarantine, or to students wishing they were in Hawaii, and not stuck at home for spring break. Or, of course, to all the dreamers out there, go ahead and relive those Hawaiian “Soul Surfer” vibes by watching “Unstoppable.”


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