Community Cards RVA

Gretchen Neary

Online Editor-in-Chief

Are you looking for a way to give back to the community during the COVID-19 pandemic? Junior Emma Hennesey has the solution! “During this quarantine with a bunch of free time, I started learning some watercolor and writing snail-mail type things. I had also seen people doing some incredible things for the community, but I didn’t know how to help. Then it kind of just clicked that I can use the gifts and passions I already had to give back!” said Emma. Her idea sparked the creation of “Community Cards RVA.” 

Community Cards “was established as a creative, caring way to support those working so hard, day in and day out in our community.” On Sunday afternoon each week, Emma sends out a theme via Instagram (follow @communitycardsRVA). Then, community members get creative. Participants can learn how to paint flowers via Emma’s weekly Instagram live demonstrations, gather inspiration from Pinterest, or design their own cards. All cards are collected at the Colonies Clubhouse by 12 PM the following Sunday. 

Community Cards’ inaugural week was between April 26 and May 3. Emma collected over 100 cards to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week. This week (May 3 to May 10), the cards are in appreciation of nurses.

Emma is planning on “continuing Community Cards through at least the end of this summer,” but she’s also “considering working on making this a club at DSF if that’s something people would be interested in this upcoming school year!”

In Emma’s words, here are all of the details if you want to get involved:

  • Who: anyone and everyone!
  • What: using creativity and community to support RVA workers and overall spread some joy!
  • Where: cards can be dropped off at The Colonies Clubhouse, but if people from all around RVA participate, there may be more drop off locations in the future.
  • Why: Something fun to do, a way to get involved in your own community, and support people in need of it!
  • How: Follow our Instagram (@communitycardsrva) and make some cards!
Emma Hennesey leads watercolor and card-making tutorials on the Community Cards RVA Instagram.

Image via Instagram.

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