First Week of Online Learning 2020-2021

Ella Mortimer

Online Editor-in-Chief

Tuesday, September 8 marked the beginning of a unique, completely virtual first quarter at Freeman High School. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Henrico County Public Schools made the decision to conduct online learning for the first nine weeks in elementary, middle, and high schools all across Henrico.

Learning from their bedrooms rather than the classroom, Freeman students adapted to attending classes in a completely virtual format this week.

Naida Smajlagic “didn’t experience technical difficulties” on the first day of her senior year at Freeman, but is not excited about “not being able to see [her] teachers and friends in person” throughout virtual learning.

Junior Caroline Zorn described her first day of virtual school as “abnormal.” However, Caroline found a silver lining in the fact that she now has the extra time to “relax in the morning” before school since she no longer has to commute to Freeman.

Several students faced technical difficulties when logging into their first virtual class meetings, including sophomore Michelle Ntumy. Michelle is not looking forward to “the crashes on virtual [learning]” that could disrupt online class meetings this quarter.

Freshman Grace Bowersox found her first day of high school to be “tiring or confusing,” explaining that “the Schoology Conferences were very confusing to navigate.” Grace is eager to “[get] back into physical school” and is hopeful that Henrico students will return to in-person learning soon.

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