Clubs Adapt to Virtual Learning

Kendall Betz

Features Editor

Classes at Freeman are adapting to virtual learning, and clubs are finding a new way to hold meetings and activities.

Last spring, clubs faced the same problem classes had when schools closed: how to continue their work and close out the school year online. 

Freeman’s Art Club and Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) started holding meetings online to stay active.

“We were originally planning to do a socially distant meeting but no longer have that opportunity due to the restrictions and large size of our club,” says Senior co-president of the Art Club Jenna Matthews.

To finish out the 2019-2020 school year, FCA met every Friday at 9am. “We pretty much kept the same format as our regular meeting,” says teacher sponsor Kevin Kubota. While there was a decrease in attendance, Mr. Kubota says it was still nice to “have fellowship during that strange time.”

Although clubs are still able to be active, Matthews says meetings are missing a key component. “It is essential to have human connection,” Matthews says, “virtual learning still allows us to continue art club, but it will never be the same as in person learning.”

Sophomore FCA member Adair Reid agrees that in-person meetings are ideal because they “create a sense of unity and togetherness that most clubs center around.” Reid says “an important part of FCA are the meetings in the morning and the component of being together, which might be hard to recreate online.”

This year, the Art Club is partnering with NAHS to connect with new people through postcards. “Individuals who are willing to will create art on postcards and slowly build a friendship with a new person,” says Matthews. 

Matthews and Reid are both confident that clubs will be able to adapt to online school. Reid says “the virtual meetings have still been successful” in her clubs, and the Art Club will have “the chance of creating a welcoming environment to all students who enjoy art even with virtual learning,” Matthews says.

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