Grit Coffee Review

Anastasia Branch


On Sept. 10, Grit Coffee opened a storefront on Richmond’s Libbie Avenue and it’s a coffee enthusiast’s dream come true. Already a popular name in its home base of Charlottesville, Grit Coffee is here to provide the West End with everything from drinks and pastries to coffee subscriptions. 

To see what the craze was all about, I took a trip to Grit myself and ordered my go-to drink: iced coffee with a splash of half and half.

My drink was just as I expected it to be – creamy and strong in caffeine. I would rate it as a 9/10 because, while the coffee was good quality, it wasn’t anything extraordinary. 

As far as cleanliness during the coronavirus pandemic, Grit Coffee exceeded my expectations. 

To purchase anything from the shop, you must order online. This process was user friendly and very efficient, as I was able to process my order through my iPhone in seconds.

When I arrived to pick up my online order, my coffee was promptly waiting for me for contactless pickup. Not only that, the friendly staff all practiced the appropriate hygienics with mask coverage and proper social distancing protocol.

While I opted to take my coffee to go, customers can enjoy their drinks at the tables indoors or in the outdoor seating overlooking Libbie Avenue.

For anyone looking to sip their lattes inside the shop, the interior takes on an industrial, minimalistic aesthetic with natural wood accents. It has a trendy vibe, so I see it becoming a favorite place for Freeman students to chat with friends or work on homework.

My favorite part of this experience was supporting Grit Coffee’s small, Virginia-based company. The Libbie and Grove area is filled with a variety of local businesses, so I foresee Grit Coffee fitting into the neighborhood perfectly. 

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