Pumpkin Design Ideas

Emma Burton

A&E Editor

As Halloween quickly approaches, people begin to decorate their favorite orange squash to celebrate this spooky holiday. This fun tradition offers infinite possibilities of how pumpkins can be decorated. With so many options, people often scour the internet in hopes of finding a unique design idea for their pumpkin. This results in hours spent looking through a screen with many repeated designs. However, the list of unique pumpkin design ideas below may end the dreaded search for original Halloween decor.

Vampires don’t have to be the only scary thing with teeth this Halloween. Try creating a pumpkin with long scary teeth! In order to do this, first cut out triangles in the shape of a mouth. Then slowly and carefully peel the skin off of the triangles using  a pumpkin carver or pocket knife. Afterwards, round the peeled triangles to create a realistic teeth effect. As a final touch, add some circles to look like scary eyes.

An easy, but still scary, pumpkin decoration is to carve 2020 on your pumpkin. Nothing has been spookier than this year. To achieve this decoration, stencil out the numbers 2020 onto the pumpkin with pencil, pen, or dry erase marker. The best way to have 2020 show is by carving thick numbers. Carve along the lines using the drawn stencil. Once done, admire the scary year that will surely spook the neighbors!

This year the term “Pumpkin-Head” has been taken quite literally. As seen on TikTok, pumpkins have made the transition from decor to accessories! Many people have begun to cut large holes at the base of their pumpkin, which allows for them to put their heads inside of their jack-o-lantern. In order to create this unique mash of decor and costume, the first step is to measure the pumpkin and the head that it will take over. Once the measurements are done, cut an appropriately sized hole at the bottom of the pumpkin. This step is very important because getting stuck in a pumpkin would make Halloween a whole lot scarier. After the bottom is cut, it is time to carve! Carve out a scary face to add an extra element to the pumpkin-head costume. To finish the look, wear orange clothing and put the pumpkin over your head!

What’s creepier than a creeper? Over quarantine the eleven-year-old video game Minecraft has spiked in popularity. The game is known for its monsters, especially the green creeper. To put the creep in creepier for your pumpkin, look up a picture of the classic monster. Draw the monster on the pumpkin with a pencil, pen, or dry erase marker. The last step is to follow the lines with a pumpkin carver. Viola! The creepiest pumpkin has been created.

Let’s not forget the classics! The typical jack-o-lantern is not only fun, but can be made original. Any ordinary pumpkin can be spruced up by adding a unique set of eyes, a crazy nose, and a gnarly mouth. There are endless possibilities for the classic jack-o-lantern. To achieve this decor, first draw the desired face on the pumpkin. Then carefully carve the pumpkin along the drawn lines to create the masterpiece. To top it off, place a candle within the pumpkin to give it that jack-o-lantern vibe!

This Halloween will surely be fun with these pumpkins! However, always remember to put safety first. Remember to be careful when handling sharp objects while carving pumpkins. A trip to the hospital would totally make this Halloween a different kind of scary.

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