How to Prepare for the Holiday Season

Ashton Doll

Opinions Editor

As the year goes by, one time seems to stand out the most: the holiday season. Rather than being a time of work and stress, winter break is a perfectly-timed intermission from the loads of school work given to high school students. The radio stations just started playing Christmas music, so that means the holidays are fast approaching. How do you get ready for the holidays before they start? 

  • Listen to hundreds of holiday-themed songs to curate the perfect playlist for December.
  • Buy decorations from an online shop or department store. If you are looking for a local shop, Old World Accents in Carytown is perfect for finding holiday decorations. As you find and gather decorations, make a plan for how you will make your home more lively for the holiday season.
  • Download a countdown app to see how quickly time passes before the holidays.
  • Start watching holiday movies to get into the mood.
  • Create plans with friends and family throughout the entire season (COVID style of course).
  • Create a holiday wish list and tell your relatives what you want to receive this year ( works perfectly for making wish lists).
  • Start looking for winter-themed comfy clothing for when snow comes (if Virginia surprises us).
  • Get an advent calendar to celebrate every day of holiday.
  • Finish your remaining school work before break so that you are able to enjoy your holidays at ease.

These are just a few suggestions for how to prepare for the best holiday season ever. In the end, you are the one thing that can make your holiday season perfect. Try your best to enjoy it: your holiday season preparations will be worth it.

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