Mediterranean Bakery & Deli Review

Holly Doustout

Features Editor

Located on 9004 Quioccasin Road, the Mediterranean Bakery & Deli has been serving up Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food for decades. Mediterranean Bakery & Deli is the perfect place to grab a bite to eat if you are looking for a cheap but delicious and filling meal in the Freeman area. However, if you are not sure what to get from there, here is a quick rundown of some of their most popular and delicious food.

A selection of food at the Mediterranean Bakery & Deli.

Fatayers: A fatayer is a triangular-shaped pie stuffed with either meat or spinach. The Mediterranean Bakery & Deli hosts a wide array of fatayer fillings such as spinach and feta, chicken, beef, feta cheese, and beef and feta. The fatayers are the perfect lunch meal and will only set you back $3.99.

Tabouli: If you are looking for something a little lighter, the Mediterranean Bakery & Deli’s tabouli is a great refreshing side. Made with tomatoes, parsley, onion, cracked wheat, lemon, and salt, tabouli is the Mediterranean equivalent of a salad. The tabouli is served on its own by the pound or as a side dish in any combo meal. 

Baklava: Trying to settle a craving from your sweet tooth? he Mediterranean Bakery & Deli’s baklava is another perfectly cheap, but delicious solution. Made with layers of filo filled with either chopped walnuts or pistachios and held together with sweet syrup, the baklava is one of my personal favorite sweet treats. You won’t find many other desserts for $1.10 that are as tasty as their baklava.

Beverages: Another one of my favorites at the Mediterranean Bakery & Deli is their wide assortment of drinks. With drinks from all over the world, the restaurant has Middle Eastern sodas and juices that will quench your thirst. The mango nectar and mint and lemonade sodas are only a few dollars and are perfect if you want to try something other than the cliché Coke or Sprite.

The Mediterranean Bakery & Deli is a solid choice for anyone who is looking for a quick meal after practice, a nice spot to grab a bite to eat with friends, or anyone who is looking for a good meal. I highly recommend this restaurant and store to anyone who may be interested in trying authentic Middle Eastern and Mediterranean foods at a low cost without sacrificing great flavor. Feel free to check out their full menu at

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