The Holiday Season at Home

Taylor Widdifield

Staff Writer

Typically, the holiday season is for spending time with loved ones you may not get to see as often. Family and friends travel from different corners to gather in one place to spend time together. Many people look forward to looking at lights, throwing ugly sweater parties, and playing in the snow with family. Unfortunately, this holiday season will look different from years past due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This year, many people will spend their holiday season indoors with the family they see year round. Winter break for many won’t include getting excited to travel to see family: it’ll be shutting their computer and logging off from virtual school for winter break. While these changes may be disappointing for many, this is a perfect time to create new memories and traditions!

This holiday season is a wonderful time to start a new hobby with family and friends. Junior Virginia Johnson has decided to pick up crocheting as a hobby to preoccupy her during her winter break at home. “I think I will not be doing as many Christmas activities as I thought I would, [I’ll be] making the most of having a break, […] doing more of my hobbies, not just Christmas related.” Virginia said.

Starting a new hobby may sound intimidating, but spending time with family while you crochet or even learning to crochet together is something to keep you preoccupied while spending time together. In the span of just a few weeks, Virginia has already made numerous hats and is currently working on a top. “Crocheting might look hard, but it’s actually extremely easy, […] I started crocheting about 2 weeks ago,” Virginia said. Virginia will be giving some of the items she has crocheted as gifts during the holiday season as well.

While it may be easy to focus on the changes that will happen during this holiday season, reminding yourself of the things you can do will make a world of difference. Walking around your neighborhood and looking at the lights on peoples’ homes is something many families love to do together, especially when relatives are in town. For Junior Aubrey Walker, looking at neighborhood lights is something her family looks forward to every year. “It’s always been a tradition and memory that we have together,” Aubrey said.

Even though Aubrey won’t be seeing her extended family this year, her family is still going to keep that tradition alive. “Despite COVID, we’re going to try our best to continue it,” Aubrey said. Similar to most of this year, Aubrey’s family will make changes to how they celebrate. “We’ll have our own family tacky light Christmas show, […] my grandparents and us will take separate cars,” Aubrey said.

Junior Joseph Chambers and his family have made baking one of their biggest holiday traditions. “We’ve been doing it for as long as I can remember,” Joseph said.

Joseph’s family isn’t the only one who gets to enjoy the sweets his family makes. “We make [sweets] for friends, neighbors, and teachers. We even give it to the mailman,” Joseph said. 

Joseph’s family has turned their tradition into something full of giving, which is something everyone needs this season. This year, Joseph’s family will be delivering the candy to his teachers’ homes. “Four of my teachers have actually had them before, so they’re very excited to get their candy,” Joseph said.

Staying at home and not being able to travel or see extended family during the holidays can be hard, but trying new things, holding onto traditions, and creating new ones are all changes that can brighten up this holiday season. “It’s 2020, why not do things a little differently?” Aubrey said.

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