Which Winter Drink are You?

Keya Pokhriyal

Opinions Editor

  1. What is your favorite thing to do during the winter?

A) Sitting by the fire and watching Hallmark movies

B) Going skiing

C) Shopping the holiday sales

D) Escaping the cold and vacationing somewhere warm

2. What is your favorite city in the U.S.?

A) Richmond, Virginia—home sweet home!

B) Denver, Colorado

C) New York City

D) Key West, Florida

3. Which dessert are you most craving right now?

A) Peppermint cookies

B) Créme brulee

C) Cake

D) Ice cream

4. Which social media app do you use most often?

A) Snapchat

B) TikTok

C) Twitter

D) Instagram

5. What is your go-to fast food restaurant?

A) McDonald’s

B) Cook Out

C) Starbucks

D) Chick-fil-A

If you chose mostly A’s, you’re hot chocolate! You’re simple, sweet, and loved by everyone. You go with the flow and love a chill night in with friends and family, though you’re always down for a fun night out. You find happiness in the little things in life.

If you chose mostly B’s, you’re holiday punch! You’re spontaneous and the life of the party. You love to try new things and have a good amount of bucket list experiences under your belt. 

If you chose mostly C’s, you’re a peppermint milkshake! You’re trustworthy and kind. You’re the person everyone wants to be friends with, and you give the best advice.

If you chose mostly D’s, you’re sparkling apple cider! You’re a fun and exciting person to be around. You’re a people person, but you’re not afraid to speak your mind.

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