For “evermore”?

Sydney Tyler

Staff Writer

Just 6 months after the release of her record-selling album, “folklore,” on December 11, 2020, Taylor Swift released her latest album, “evermore,” to national streaming platforms, allowing Swift to take a new step in her career.  Before the release, Taylor stated on Instagram, “In the past I’ve always treated albums as one-off eras and moved onto planning the next one after an album was released.”  She has altered this approach dramatically this year with the release of sister-albums “folklore” and “evermore,” both with less than 24 hours notice and very similar sounds.

While Taylor had a busy year writing and recording two albums, her fans had mixed feelings about the abundance of new music. Sophomore Elanor Roberts said, “[releasing 2 albums in one year] doesn’t really give you enough time to listen to and enjoy one album before the next is out.” Other fans, including junior AK Canavos, enjoyed the larger selection of  Taylor’s newest music. AK said, “she is such a boss for [releasing two albums in 6 month].”

Like the billions quarantining throughout the pandemic, Taylor Swift had extra down time this year. While Swift used this opportunity to give her fans two new albums, some fans believe that she should have delayed the release of “evermore.”  Elanor said, “It just seems like she’s bored in the pandemic like the rest of us.”  

Because Taylor decided to break away from her theme of “one-off eras” and the proximity between the releases of “folklore” and “evermore,” her newest albums have a very similar sound.  Elanor said that “[‘evermore’] sounded like ‘folklore’ part two.”  Because these albums could be categorized as one big “folkmore” era, “evermore” was slightly less exciting to many of Taylor Swift’s fans.  Elanor said, “Honestly, it didn’t excite me as much as other albums have in the past since I’m so used to Taylor changing her style of music.”  On the contrary, many of Swift’s fans have been playing “evermore” on repeat.  AK said, “I love ‘evermore’,  I like the story telling aspect of every song.”

The cover for Taylor Swift’s latest album, “evermore.”

While announcing “evermore”’s release only 24 hours in advance can draw in lots of initial excitement, it doesn’t leave much time for anticipation.  Elanor said, “I don’t really like the same-day album releases because it doesn’t give you any time to get excited about it.”  Elanor continued, “I didn’t even realize she put out an album until the day after.” On the other hand, some fans were not wasting any time and saw it as an opportunity to cram all their excitement into a smaller window.  AK said, “[surprise album releases] are exciting and memorable because of all the social media implodes.”  Math teacher Mr. Ryan Densely did his part to create excitement among his students by playing Taylor’s old music for the first five minutes of class the day she announced the release.   

According to Spotify, “willow,” “champagne problems,” “gold rush,” and “no body, no crime” have dominated streams from the album, taking the top spots.  Elanor said, “‘champagne problems’ is definitely my favorite […] the words kinda just captured me in a different way.”  However, the following is the only accurate ranking of the tracks on “evermore,” in the author’s personal opinion:

  1. “no body, no crime” 
  2. “‘tis the damn season”
  3. “gold rush”
  4. “champagne problems”
  5. “willow”
  6. “ivy”
  7. “evermore” 
  8. “tolerate it”
  9. “coney island”
  10. “majorie”
  11. “long Story Short”
  12. “cowboy like me”
  13. “dorothea”
  14. “closure”
  15. “happiness”

Overall, “evermore” is a lyrical masterpiece and there truly is not a bad song on the album.  There’s no denying that 2020 was a big year for Taylor Swift that brought both success for Taylor and lots of new music for her fans to blast with the windows down.  While feelings about “evermore” and its release are mixed, thoughts about Taylor Swift’s talent are not.  Elanor said, “All the credit in the world to her for what she does, I couldn’t come up with a new idea for every album.”

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