Anticipation for “Stranger Things” Season Four

Isabelle Hevron

Staff Writer

“Stranger Things,” the Netflix original series that has grossed $378 million dollars and 40.7 million streams, resumed shooting its fourth season this fall. The crew originally planned to film much earlier, but COVID-19 interrupted the production. However, “Stranger Things” has been able to safely resume filming, and the show’s fourth season is rumored to be released in late 2021.

The show is filmed in Atlanta, Georgia, and there have been many pictures released of the cast in costumes working on filming, giving fans a glimpse into the next season. Netflix also put out a statement saying that the show resumed filming at the very end of September, but they have not put out a release date. “Now that they’ve confirmed season four is filming again, I’m excited to find out when it will be airing,” said junior Ellie O’Neil, who has watched the entire series.

“Stranger Things” is set in Indiana in 1983, and follows a group of middle school boys as they fight against supernatural forces with their new friend, who has psychic powers. Season three ended on a cliffhanger, and fans of the show are curious about what will happen in the next season. “The ending left so many questions, I can’t wait to find out where they’re going with the storyline,” said Ellie. The all-star cast, including Golden Globe winner Winona Ryder, helps make the show seem real.  “I think all the actors are amazing and they fit their roles perfectly,” said Ellie.

“Stranger Things” gained millions of viewers because of its unique plot and setting. “How many other shows are set in the eighties and revolve around a group of middle schoolers?” said senior Lillian Wilson, noting how the show stands out. Season three of the show came out on July 4th, 2019, and fans have been waiting over a year for the next season. “It’s been annoying that we’ve had to wait so long between seasons, but it probably means that the fourth season is going to be amazing because of all of the time put into writing, filming and editing the show,” said junior Grace Johnson.

Since the cast is made up of actors and actresses who are in high school, their humor and mannerisms are similar to those of students today. “The characters are very relatable and easy to connect with, a lot of their jokes are things I’ve said with my friends,” said Grace. In many shows, teenagers are played by actors years older, but in “Stranger Things,” they are actual teenagers. “It makes the show much more realistic to me, having actors play their age, because it is so obvious when they hire a 25 year old to play a highschooler,” said Grace. When they are off set, the actors seem like normal teenagers. “I see Noah Schnapp, who plays one of the main characters, on TikTok all the time, his posts are really funny,” said Ellie. 

Fans of the show are really excited to see one of their favorite characters, Steve Harrington, in season four. “Steve is definitely my favorite character and I think he’s going to have a big role in the next season,” said Ellie. Many of her classmates share the same feeling when it comes to the 18 year old ice cream shop worker in “Stranger Things.”  “Steve had great character development in the show and he quickly became my favorite. I hope he gets a lot of screen time in season four” said Grace. Lillian also agreed, saying that “Steve is my favorite character because he always lightens the mood and cracks jokes in serious situations.” 

Fans can’t wait for the next season of the show because of its hilarious and relatable moments. “’Stranger Things’ is one of those shows where you binge watch the whole season in a day, and I can’t wait to see what’s next in Hawkins later this year,” said Ellie. 

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