Freeman’s New Club: Garden Club

Grayson Horner

Staff Writer

This year, a few students decided to take advantage of quarantine and start a brand-new club at Freeman: Gardening Club.

The club kicked off its first meeting in November 2020 with the intention of “giving students interested in plants, gardening, and the outdoors an outlet to express their passion,” according to club sponsor and social studies teacher Daniel Lewis. 

Mr. Lewis said that “the first meeting went great,” and that during the meeting, “three students presented about gardening and their plan for the club this year.” 

According to junior Danielle Henry, club co-president, the meeting served as an outlet for her to “share her interest in plants and to build a community of people with common interests.”

Currently, meetings include displaying gardens and plants, as well as learning about different types of plants and how to keep them. Mr. Lewis is hopeful that once students return in-person, the club will get busy working on projects around the school. 

According to Danielle, another goal for the club this year is “to have all members attempt to raise a plant from a seed at the school to see the development.” 

Returning in person will allow the club itself to develop. Mr. Lewis is excited to get to work on gardening around the school. He noted, “I would love to take a more active role in working on the school garden,” referring to the garden between the Annex and Green Acres. 

Despite the virtual environment, the club still has major plans for this year. Senior Co-President Jenna Matthews said, “We are thrilled to hold a guest speaker this coming January, who will teach both about plants and the environmental impacts.” 

Meetings are open to all, and the club has no dues. The major goal of the club, according to Jenna, is to be “a significant asset toward Freeman High School, especially during the pandemic, because we encourage students to build connections with their environment and the plant community.”

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