Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day at Home

Jack Kelleher Staff Writer As St. Patrick’s Day approaches, some changes will have to be made to make celebrations fit pandemic safety guidelines. St. Patrick’s Day is often celebrated through activities with friends and family, such as parties, festivals, or eating at Irish restaurants. Because these activities are restricted due to COVID-19,  Freeman students have … Continue reading Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day at Home

What “Mavericks” Means to Freeman Students

Jack Harenchar Staff Writer When Freeman students return to the school building, they will be welcomed back by more than their teachers and extensive COVID prevention guidelines: they are coming back to a new mascot. Since Freeman chose to move on from the “Rebels” nickname and adopt the “Mavericks” as the school’s new mascot this … Continue reading What “Mavericks” Means to Freeman Students

“Positions (Deluxe)”: A Hit or a Miss?

Daisy Fuller Staff Writer On October 30, pop artist Ariana Grande released her sixth studio album “Positions.” This record followed the success of her hit album “thank u next,” topping national and global charts. The album features many notable artists such as Doja Cat, The Weeknd, and Ty Dolla $ign. Grande’s fall release became an … Continue reading “Positions (Deluxe)”: A Hit or a Miss?