Mavericks’ Super Bowl Predictions and Recap

Emily Waters

Staff Writer

With quarterback Tom Brady back in the big game, students’ predictions for what the scoreboard would say when Super Bowl LV ended were quite varied.

Freshman Cooper Speidell “think[s] that the Chiefs will win, but it’s hard to bet against Tom Brady.”  Cooper explained that, although Tom Brady “has so much Super Bowl experience,” after playing in ten Super Bowls, Cooper “think[s] that the Chiefs will be able to pull it off.”  “My prediction for the score is 42-38 Chiefs win,” Cooper said.  Sophomore Rachel Stanton thought that the Chiefs would win, too.

Junior Ian Donnellan also predicted that the Chiefs would win. “I bet that the Chiefs were going to cover the spread.”  When contemplating the strategy that the Chiefs would select for Super Bowl LV, Ian “bet[s] that more than 2.5 people would attempt to pass.”

So far, the Mavericks predicted that the Chiefs would win the big game. However, senior Brooke Farrey thought the Buccaneers would win, “because they have Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski.” The pair have won three Super Bowls together.

Super Bowl LV turned out to be an interesting game. Tom Brady made it to nine Super Bowl games with his former team, the New England Patriots, and won six of those nine games. However, the Chiefs were the defending Super Bowl Champions, and they put up a good fight. 

Despite many of the Mavericks’ game predictions, the Buccaneers beat the Chiefs with a final score of 31 to 9. Brooke predicted the winner correctly, although she “wanted the Chiefs to win.”

The Kansas City Chiefs were the first team to score with a field goal around halfway through the first quarter, but they did not score again until the end of the second quarter leaving the score 21-6 (Buccaneers) at half time. They made another field goal at the top of the third quarter, but that would be the last. 

Ian lost his bet on the winner, but he was correct that more than 2.5 players attempted to pass. Cooper turned out to be correct when he said “it’s hard to bet against Tom Brady,” but he and Rachel were ultimately wrong in their prediction for the winner.

Patrick Mahomes, quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, said “We didn’t make the plays, but the guys battled until the very end,” after his team’s loss. The Chiefs’ nine points all came from field goals, with the Buccaneers being the only team to make it to the end zone all night. 

For the Buccaneers, Gronkowski made two touchdowns, affirming Brooke’s prediction that Gronkowski would be a key player.  Antonio Brown and Leonard Fournette made the Buccaneers’ other two touchdowns. 

Harrison Butker, kicker for Kansas City, is responsible for the Chiefs’ nine points of the night. While Tom Brady’s team was more successful overall, Patrick Mahomes passed more yards than the opposing quarterback. Mahomes passed a total of 270 yards, while Brady passed a total of 201 yards.

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