The Rise of Quarantine Streaming

Emma Ridolphi

Staff Writer

2020 was different to say the least, but 2021 is shaping up to be just as different. Many students went back into quarantine. With little left to do, Freeman students have turned to streaming services like Netflix and Hulu for comfort during these difficult times. 

Animated shows have been popular among students throughout the pandemic. Sophomore Lily Morris has been streaming a Netflix original series based off of a Japanese manga called “Alice In Borderland.” Lily described the series as “a Japanese science fiction about a gamer named Asiru trying to survive dangerous games in a parallel universe of Tokyo.” Lily “really enjoy[s] the characters and their personalities.”

Sophomore Carly Riggan has been streaming “Naruto,” an anime based off of the manga series of the same name. Carly explained that Naruto is “about a ninja who wants to be the hokage in his village.” Carly also said that she “watched the show with [her] cousins when [she] was younger, so it reminds me of them.” She explained that she likes it “because it tells tails of many interesting stories of hard fates in an adventurous way.” 

An animated series called “She-Ra Princesses of Power” has caught the attention of sophomore Berkeley Hines throughout the pandemic. Berkeley explained that the show is “about a character called Adora and her friends having to stop the horde, but Adora’s enemy, Catra, is her ex-best friend.” Berkeley likes the show because “no character in the show is straight, and there is a lesbian couple.” 

Thriller television shows have risen to popularity among students throughout pandemic streaming. Junior Kayley Wine has been watching “Bates Motel,” a spin-off of the movie “Psycho.” Kayley explained that “Bates Motel” “follows Norman Bates and his mother, Norma, as they purchase their new motel.” Kayley likes this show because the “acting was very good […and] it’s an easy binge watch because there are only 10 episodes per season.” “I liked that even though it was a spin off, it didn’t directly copy the movie and went in it’s own direction,” said Kayley.

Junior Nick Siler has been enjoying another horror show called “American Horror Story.” Nick explained that “American Horror Story” is an anthology series that “focuses on different premises and the horror aspects that go along with it, including real life crimes, which can make it more scary.” Nick likes the show because it’s “not only thrilling in this boring time, but also has great plot twists.” 

Junior Gabrielle Walker has been enjoying a tamer show on the BBC network called “Merlin.”  “Merlin” is a fantasy drama that follows a wizard’s destiny. Gabrielle likes the show “because [she] used to watch it when [she] was younger and it brings back nice memories.” Gabrielle also said that “it’s been a fun and interesting show about Camelot and I think it has nice costumes.”

Senior Maggie Goodrich has been enjoying a show that is not as eerie as “American Horror Story,” but not quite as tame as “Merlin.” Maggie has been watching “Criminal Minds.” Maggie said that “Criminal Minds” is “about FBI agents, specifically the Behavioral Analysis Unit studying behavior in criminals and eventually catching them.” Maggie said that she likes the show because “every episode is different and you get to learn and fall in love with the characters.”  Maggie continued that “it keeps me on my toes and I’ve binge-watched it twice now.” 

Despite the differences between the mentioned programs, every Freeman student can relate to the comfort of a good show or movie.

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