“Positions (Deluxe)”: A Hit or a Miss?

Daisy Fuller

Staff Writer

On October 30, pop artist Ariana Grande released her sixth studio album “Positions.” This record followed the success of her hit album “thank u next,” topping national and global charts. The album features many notable artists such as Doja Cat, The Weeknd, and Ty Dolla $ign.

Grande’s fall release became an instant phenomenon and gained a boost in popularity from social media app TikTok. In particular, the second song on the album “34+35” became a trending sound on the app and many influencers created viral dances to the track.

Junior Madeline Holdren “first heard her new songs through TikTok and I liked them a lot, so I listened to the whole album on my own.”

On Feb. 19, Grande released “Positions (Deluxe),” which added five new songs to the original “Positions” album. “Positions (Deluxe)” is Grande’s longest studio album with a total of 19 tracks. 

The interlude “someone like you” is a smooth transition into the supplemental tracks. The song has a strong beat and is short, yet impressive. The following track  “test drive” is very energetic and fits the album’s initial feel, with a flirtatious theme and vivacious sound. 

As for the “34+35” remix featuring Doja Cat and Megan Thee Stallion, I believe it is the strongest collaboration on the album as both Doja and Megan have strong verses. I think the addition of these two powerhouse performers made the already hit song even more entertaining.  “I think the song has a very good beat to it,” said sophomore Olivia Robinson on the “34+35” remix. “The singers’ voices mix well together,” Olivia continued.

The final tracks “worst behavior” and “main thing” of “Positions (Deluxe)” fit the sound and vibe of the album, but are a little more mellow with less upbeat melodies.

“It’s not my favorite album [of Grande’s] but it’s still really good,” said junior Molly Fratkin. Although this album may not be a fan favorite, “Positions (Deluxe)” is still performing well for Grande with many songs still maintaining their standing on national charts. This standing has much to do with Grande’s immense fanbase, including her over 223 million followers on Instagram.

“Positions (Deluxe)” is dynamic and vibrant while offering a similar style to Grande’s previous albums. Many fans are wondering if Ariana Grande will continue to give her fans the consistent sound they are used to on her next project, or reinvent her sound and try something new. Madeline said, “I love Ariana’s music, but I would be interested in seeing her switch it up.” 

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