A Week in the Life of an In-Person Student

Anastasia Branch


Monday March 8

First day of in-person learning down! Walking into the building on Monday morning definitely felt surreal.  

I thought I was going to have a difficult time getting used to wearing a mask for so long, but I honestly forgot that it was on throughout the day. On the other hand, the hallway flow was a bit confusing. It seems simple, but I was turned around a lot. I definitely got my walking steps in for the day with those arrows. Count me in for an “Against the Flow” pass, please!

Tuesday March 9

The first day of school excitement definitely wore off once I heard my lovely alarm at 7:50 a.m. It didn’t help that right across the hall my virtual siblings still had more than an hour of sleep left. 

By the time lunch came around, I had made an incredible discovery. The TV tray lunch tables have cup holders! Lunch is pretty bizarre because it looks like you are a pawn in Battleship, but these cup holders really improved the situation for me.

Wednesday March 10

Wellness Wednesday – everyone’s new favorite day of the week! 

My day consisted of sleeping in a little more, leisurely drinking my morning coffee, checking off my school work, and enjoying the spring day. I think most can agree that Wellness Wednesdays need a permanent place on the school calendar. 

Thursday March 11

School is a lot easier to come back to when you only have two more days left. Thursday was a normal day full of safe, in-person learning.

There needs to be a quick moment of appreciation for our new best friends: plexiglass and RICO hand sanitizing wipes. In-person students have become pros at cleaning their desks and I’m just so happy to see actual disinfecting wipes again after having been sold out for months.

Friday March 12

We did it! A full week of in-person school has been completed AND we got rewarded with a half day! I can officially say that by Friday, I was used to this new way of learning. Much to my surprise, the transition to in-person learning was relatively smooth and easy for me.

As a senior, I am grateful to be back in the building and think the adjustment was worth it. However, each student has a different experience. Take a look at my personal pros and cons list to see a detailed view of in-person learning!


  • It’s fun to see classmates and teachers again.
  • In-person instruction helps me learn better than virtual school instruction.
  • The student parking lot is way easier to navigate compared to a normal year.
  • Student parking is free this year if offered a permit.
  • Let’s be honest, it’s nice to break out of the sweatpants occasionally and wear cute outfits.
  • Having a scheduled routine is something I missed.


  • There is a greater chance that in-person learners will contract COVID-19 compared to virtual learners.
  • “Maskne” is real.
  • In-person students have to wake up early.
  • In-person learners do not have as much free time as virtual students when transition and commute time is taken into consideration.
  • We can’t wear our pajamas to school everyday like we did in the first semester.
  • In-person students cannot snack anytime now.

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