Spring 2021 Fashion Trends

Brooke Ward

Staff Writer

After a year spent sitting at home in two-year-old pajamas, Freeman Mavericks are anxious to show off their newest attire for the spring season. Pastel colors, flouncy skirts, “milkmaid” blouses, and unique prints and patterns can be seen across the school. To add to the madness, ruffle details are making a comeback from your elementary-school closet!

These trends are a result of fashion shows in big cities that involve designers showcasing their looks to buyers, the press, and the general public through models strutting down the runway. One such event is New York Fashion Week, held semi- annually in New York City.

Pastel colors have been a staple of spring clothing trends since the beginning of fashion. Light-toned palettes of blues, purples, pinks, yellows, and greens are reminiscent of the budding flowers that appear outside during spring months. “I always go for a baby pink color when getting my nails done during springtime,” said junior Olivia Bargatze, “I love how they complement my outfits!”

Whether it be jeans flaring out from top to bottom or skirts with frilly layers, this season has seen an abundance of all things ruffles and flounces. Giving off the “boho” look with material floating away from the body, this trend radiates care-free living and warm weather. The popular boho brand Free People has popularized this trend with its signature flare jeans and tiered skirts that add dimension to any outfit.

Milkmaid-style tops featuring a puff-sleeve with a low-neckline have made a huge breakthrough in fashion this season. Similar to the shoulder pads trend from the 1980s, these puff-sleeves add dimension to the arms and shoulders. Milkmaid tops draw inspiration from the puff-sleeve dresses of the Middle Ages, adding to the daintiness and femininity of these blouses. Naturally, these feminine shirts draw from the delicacy of flowers, making them a staple for the spring season. It’s also note-worthy that many brands sell these style tops in pastel colors. “I have at least three tops with a puff-sleeve and I see them everywhere,” said sophomore Abby Darter.

To combat the boring, old attire that we all lived in during quarantine, lively prints can now be found on all articles of clothing. As apparent on swimsuits with large cow print designs and zebra-print pants, tops, dresses, boots, and skirts, the public is ready to spice up their wardrobes with loud patterns.

Lifestyle and fashion vlogger Emma Chamberlain notably wears a variety of eye-catching patterns that can’t be found in most chain retail stores. As a trend-setter for the fashion industry, Emma, unquestioningly inspires the public’s draw to radiant designs that haven’t been seen before.

Who knows if these vibrant patterns are a result of COVID boredom or simply a livelier season for designers, but, whatever the cause, loud prints have been well-received by Freeman students. “I love this trend,” said junior Zach Wachtel, “my favorite pair of shorts actually have colorful lizards all over them and I always get compliments when I wear them.”

Spring 2021 fashion trends see a variety of different styles that draw inspiration from the past while adding in new, exotic elements to broaden traditional spring attire. This variety draws from conventional spring colors that return every year to new styles of quirky clothing pieces that have never been popularized until this season, making waves in the fashion community.

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