Three Doodles That Anyone Can Draw: A Step-by-Step Guide

Lanie Moore

Managing Editor

As flowers bloom, leaves turn greener, and summer feels just around the corner, you may find – like many of your peers – that it is becoming quite difficult to stay focused in class. Instead of defaulting to Instagram or CoolMathGames the next time that you’re bored, however, you should try doodling! A great first step to being able to draw well is just to start drawing, and what better place to start than your absolute drag of a seventh period class? Here are three step-by-step guides to simple doodles that will kick off your journey to becoming a master doodler! 


1. Draw a line like a wave, but instead of a pointed crest, make the crest round, curling back toward the start of the wave.
2. Turn the last part of your curved wave into a sideways teardrop.
3. Starting at the base of the wave, draw a tail, then add a back leg, stomach, and front leg.

4. Draw triangular spikes from the tip of the tail to the top of the head. At the point where the dinosaur’s neck curves, remember to switch the spike orientation from right to left.
5. Add the dinosaur’s inside front and back legs, finishing with an eye and a happy smile.


1. Start by drawing two (or more) egg-like circles.
2. Add three stripes to each egg, curving the stripes away from the wide part of the egg.
3. Dot an eye on the wide part of the egg. (for an even more cartoony look, dot two eyes.)
4. Add Wings to the back of each bee in the shape of a rounded uppercase B.
5. Draw a dashed or dotted line from the end of each bee to show where it has flown.


1. Draw two circles side-by-side, like two twin pizzas without any toppings.
2. Add a small dot at the center of your left pizza, and from that dot, draw a diagonal line that extends slightly past the pizza crust. At the top of the diagonal, draw a short vertical line. From the top of the vertical, draw a wavy horizontal line like a tilde.
3. Using the skills you learned in geometry, draw a parallelogram with its top left corner touching the place where the diagonal and vertical lines (from Step 2) meet, and its bottom right corner in the center of the right pizza/wheel. Slash vertically through the top right and bottom left corners of the parallelogram.
4. Add gears and a pedal by drawing a small circle over the parallelogram’s bottom left corner and drawing a short diagonal line with a horizontal foot from the circle’s center.
5. Draw a small stem from the tip of the parallelogram’s top right corner and cap it with a very flat oblong shape for the seat.

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