Senior Scavenger Hunt

Kendall Betz

Features Editor

In the midst of senior assassin, the Class of 2021 took a pause from chasing each other with Nerf guns to participate in a new senior activity: the Senior Scavenger Hunt. Participating seniors were given the chance to get outside Amazing Race style and travel all over the Freeman area looking for clues. There was also a virtual option where seniors could work through the scavenger hunt online using Google Maps.

The Senior Scavenger Hunt helped seniors reconnect with the Freeman community by visiting some iconic places around the school. Clues took seniors from the attendance office to El Cap, Godwin’s football stadium, Bernie’s Subs and more before finishing off at Freeman’s own William E. Long Stadium.

Some seniors completed the scavenger hunt solo, while others worked together with friends. Senior Emilee Brooks went with a group of her friends. “It was really fun posing for all the pictures in different ways and racing from place to place together,” Emilee said.

Each of the 10 locations had a sign with a QR code that went to a google form for seniors to fill out. After submitting a selfie or screenshot of their computer screen, seniors were given the next clue.

While some clues were difficult to crack, Emilee found locating the Godwin sign the most challenging part of the scavenger hunt.

“We couldn’t get to the right parking lot, and then Godwin’s boy tennis team was watching us,” Emilee said. “Not necessarily hard, but a bit embarrassing.”

Prizes were awarded to the fastest finisher, funniest pictures, and one lucky raffle winner. Everyone who completed the scavenger hunt was excused from Wellness Wednesday work on April 28th.

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