Prom 2021: The Journey Continues

Isabelle Hevron

Staff Writer

Although most school functions that occur in the fall such as homecoming, football games, and pep rallies were cancelled due to COVID-19, the new downward trend of positive cases has allowed Freeman to host a senior-only prom this spring. The school dance took place on Saturday, May 22, and the junior class worked with the faculty to create a special night for the seniors.

The theme this year was “The Journey Continues.” Senior Josh Hansell interpreted this theme as, “capturing the idea that we will all continue on our own paths in the last few days of high school and whatever comes next.” Having prom at school this year was a surprise for the seniors, as most didn’t expect to be able to celebrate because of COVID-19. “I did not think we were going to have a prom, since the year was beginning to wrap up and we’re still dealing with COVID,” said senior Ella DeNicola. 

Some aspects of the dance were changed this year: there was a maximum number of students allowed, and masks were required at the dance. “If I could’ve changed anything, it would’ve been so that more people could’ve come at once,” said Ella. Despite the size restrictions, it was still nice for the Freeman students and staff to get back one of their favorite traditions. “I’ll definitely remember the teachers and administrators looking so happy that we were having such a good time,” Ella said.

The seniors also took a walk through the school campus and senior courtyard to represent their journey at Freeman. “The walk through was very different but I enjoyed it” said senior Morgan VanHimbergen. Senior Josh Hansell agrees, saying “the best part of prom was when we stopped in the senior courtyard. It was nice to take a break from walking around Freeman, and enjoy what little time we had to experience the senior courtyard.” 

While there was no specific costume theme for the dance, Ella and her friend group decided to dress and create their own  1980s-themed prom. “I loved our 80’s theme,” said Ella.“The trips to goodwill to find our prom dresses is definitely something we all will never forget!” On the other hand, Morgan and her group stuck with Freeman’s “The Journey Continues” theme, also having a great time. “I thought the theme was very creative and the flashbacks were fun to make,” she said. Morgan’s group enjoyed their night by “having dinner before prom and then after we all went over to our friends house.” 

Now that the class of 2021 has had their first (and last) prom, they encouraged next year’s upperclassmen to enjoy it as well.  “Go. To. The. Dance. It is so much fun, my friends and I had so much fun dancing together and it really made the night for us,” said Ella. Josh shared a similar sentiment, “I would highly recommend that the current juniors attend their prom next year, not because it will be their only prom, but because it’s a great way to forget about school and work for a while, and just enjoy being around your friends for one last time.”

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