Virginia’s Governor Primary

Grayson Horner

Staff Writer

On June 8th, Virginian Democrats will head to the polls to cast their primary ballot. On the ballot, this year is the democratic primary for governor, lt. Governor and attorney general, as well as a slew of other local and state house races. Republicans opted to nominate with a convention, so that leaves five democrats competing to have the chance to run against businessman Glenn Youngkin.

Terry McAuliffe

The former governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe, touts several positions on his resume. He co-chaired Bill Clinton’s 1996 reelection campaign and chaired Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign. As governor of Virginia, McAuliffe issued a slew of emergency executive orders to allow federal funds for Medicaid expansion. McAuliffe’s by far most well-known accomplishment was the restoration of more than 200,000 felons’ voting rights in Virginia. When the State Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional to conduct a sweeping pardon, McAuliffe began restoring felons’ rights individually.

Jennifer Carroll Foy

As a former state delegate who gave up her seat to run for governor, Carroll Foy has run her campaign by painting her personal story as a working-class woman from Petersburg, directly contrasting with Terry McAuliffe. While most of her campaigning has been centered around telling her personal story, Foy also portrays herself as the progressive candidate in the race. She backs this up with her endorsements from Our Revolution and the Sunrise Movement, a group founded after the 2016 defeat of Bernie Sanders, and a movement founded by young environmentalist teens, respectively.

Jennifer McClellan

Vice-chair of both the Virginia Democratic Party and the Virginia Black Caucus McClellan has been in the Virginia General Assembly since 2005.She touts her record in the General Assembly as a bipartisan lawmaker who was responsible for passing 36 bills just in this legislative session. McClellan has 12 assembly members supporting her run for governor and a big-name endorsement from Oregon’s governor Kate Brown.

Justin Fairfax

Our current lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax was long believed to be a shoo-in as the next governor until shocking sexual assault allegations gripped the news. Those allegations did not stop him from seeking the governor’s mansion. His most notable accomplishment as Lt. Governor was a tie-breaking vote to extend Medicaid in Virginia. While Fairfax doesn’t hold any big-name endorsements, he does have a comedic endorsement from Lord Fairfax, a United Kingdom House of Lords member.

Lee Carter

As the only self-described democratic-socialist in the General Assembly, Lee Carter is running for governor to quote, “Make the Commonwealth a place where wealth is common.” Some of his noteworthy accomplishments include writing the bill to put a price cap on insulin and a significant overhaul of Virginia’s worker’s compensation system. Carter has one notable endorsement from Mariane Williamson, a 2020 presidential candidate. 

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