Which AP Exam are You?

Sydney Tyler

Sports Editor

How would your friends describe you? 

A) Hardcore 

B) Easy-going

C) Chaotic 

D) Artsy 

How would you choose to spend your free time? 

A) Playing a sport 

B) Hiking 

C) Watching TikToks 

D) Creating something new 

What is your favorite color? 

A) Red 

B) Blue 

C) Purple 

D) Green 

Of these, who is your favorite artist? 

A) The Beatles 

B) Taylor Swift 

C) Olivia Rodrigo 

D) Billie Elish 

What drink do you identify with most? 

A) Cold Brew 

B) Water 

C) Morrocan Mint Tea 

D) Pink Drink

Finally, What is your favorite subject in school? 

A) Science 

B) English 

C) History 

D) Elective

If you chose mostly A’s: you’re any AP Science exam.  Whether it be Physics, Biology, or the ever feared AP Chemistry exam, you’re bold, intense, and unapologetically you.  You know what you want and go straight for it, no matter how hard it is to get to.  You think very methodically and like there to be a final answer to be worked towards.  Most people don’t understand you but that’s perfectly fine because when someone does, y’all really bond.  

If you chose mostly B’s: You’re the AP Lang exam.  Fun, adventurous, and always down for anything.  Writing is your passion and you think writing 3 essays in a 3 hour exam is no problem.  You love a nice relaxing weekend, but also aren’t afraid to book yourself from dawn to dusk with activities you’re passionate about.  You go with the flow but aren’t afraid to speak your piece and make sure that you’re heard and respected.  

If you chose mostly C’s: you’re the APUSH exam.  It’s all or nothing with you.  You’re either all in  spending hours on one chapter of notes or all out and waiting until the night before the test to take 4 chapters of notes.  Either way, you’re a force to be reckoned with.  You’re very outgoing and aren’t afraid to put yourself out there to meet new people and explore new things.  At the end of the day all of your friends know they can count on you in a group project or for fun Friday plans. 

If you chose mostly D’s: you’re the AP Art Portfolio or AP Art History Exam.  You’re always thinking about your next project and aren’t ever afraid to experiment with your creativity.  You’re also patient enough to work on a portfolio all year or distinguish between similar art pieces from all over the world.  Your friends know to come to you for all things creative whether it be actual art or just ideas of new things to try, you keep everyone on their toes. 

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