The Commentator is Back!

Jack Harenchar

Online Editor In-Chief

Dear Freeman Family,

Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year and a new publishing cycle of The Commentator. As we prepare to publish the seven issues comprising the 69th volume of Douglas S. Freeman High School’s newspaper, we as Commentator staff wanted to personally bring your attention to some changes on the paper’s website. With all of the transition occurring at Freeman and our community in the past 18 months, we thought it would be an appropriate time to update an aging website. While retaining our same web address (you can find us online at, we have sought to streamline the process of consuming news for the ease of you, the reader. 

This site has long served as a complement to the print edition of The Commentator, so appropriately, we have made it easier to access our print edition online. When you visit our site, you will see a red box on the homepage that reads “Download Print Issue.” Clicking this box will open in a new tab, the most recent issue of The Commentator for your reading or sharing pleasure. 

Furthermore, as the articles published on this site are designed to supplement those published in print throughout the year, we will be changing our categories of articles on the site slightly to not be too repetitive in the print edition. This change will by no means limit the content posted on our site but will serve to aid the reader in their search for articles and allow a cleaner appearance of the platform. Going forward, the new categories of articles you can find on the site are News and Politics, Student Life, Arts and Entertainment, and Sports. 

We believe that these site changes will contribute to the continuance of student journalism at Freeman and aid the reader’s digestion of that reporting. In addition, as a product of a more significant number of online articles scheduled to be published this year, The Commentator staff is seeking to place a greater emphasis on our website as a supplement to our print editions. We hope you enjoy the diverse range of student and community reporting we are looking to provide. We hope you turn to for your source of entertaining and informative Freeman High School news. 

Happy Reading,

Your Online Editor In-Chiefs and The Commentator staff

Published by The Commentator

Online Editor-in-Chief of the DSF commentator

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